Become an Instructor

Now you can learn to teach CPR/AED/ First Aid/ ACLS and PALS and manage a business easily with KC Lifesavers,LLC.

With your desire to teach people how to save a lives, KC Lifesavers offers a comprehensive training package through an American Heart Association Training Center ( Bayside CPR & AED) 

Here is what your package includes:

  • Ability to teach CPR/ACLS/BLS and PALS Nationwide
  • Instructor Books for each discipline taught
  • Customer Service 
  • High Quality, up to date CPR Information
  • Increased revenue for you and your business
  • One-Stop shop for all your supplies
  • Ongoing Instructor Support
  • OSHA-Compliant and professional training

Interested? Why wait? Call us today at (636) 283-8977 for more information